Friday, January 25, 2013


How do you know that you have a missionary at your house?
The throttle in the car goes out.
A water pipe at the salon breaks.
Karissa gets rear ended in her mom's beloved car.
The battery in the other car dies, leaving us stranded.
...I think that about sums it up!
In December the throttle in my mom's car went out, and $400.00 later we got it fixed and it was ready to go again! Thank goodness! That car is my mom's 5th child, heaven forbid anything goes wrong with her car, she loves it!
A couple weeks later amidst one of the many "Storms of the year" we have been having lately I took my mom's car to have my interview with the Stake President to receive my recommend. Coincidently when I grabbed my purse I took my car keys with me as well. This left my mom stranded, which would have been fine if she hadn't have gotten a call from the salon informing her that a water pipe had broke and was currently flooding the salon!
She literally got to run to the salon so that she could address the problem. My Uncle Russ and grandpa got to be the heros and fixed the problem with the water pipes, thankfully. No worries though, I did get my recommmend!
The next day, as a result of this "Storm of the year" I drove my mom's car to work in Springville, only to get to work 3 hours early! I decided that was a little too early to start working, so I got back on the freeway to head home for a bit. Big mistake!
Long story short... 5 cars total. 1 spun out and hit 2 others, I slowed to avoid the accident and was rear ended by a semi.
Because of the night before and that drama, my mom had turned her phone off. Guess who gets to be the hero again?! You guessed it, Russ and my grandpa! (Man, this blog makes them look freaking amazing! Good thing they are!) Luckly they were working in Orem and were able to rescue me from the side of the freeway. Russ and I drove my mom's car home, following my grandpa, on our way to tell my mom that I wrecked her beloved car.
Thankfully, the car is not totaled, but it did receive a lot of damage. I wasn't hurt, just sore for a few days, I slept it all off over the weekend.
After all the drama of wrecking my mom's car and water pipes breaking, my mom decided to take my brother, Rylan, to see a movie and take a break. They took my car to the theater in P.G. and when they went to leave the theater after the movie was over, guess what?! My car battery was dead! So, who do you think we called?! Just my grandpa this time, we decided to give Russ a break, and he lives further away.
I think all these trials have made my mom more anxious to get me out in the mission field, and I don't blame her! Thank goodness for my family and our ability to stick together and help each other out! I am eternally grateful for the amazing family that I do have and all the fun, crazy and amazing times we share! Leaving them will be the hardest part of this experience! You know what they say,
"Missionaries leave there families for [18 months] so that others may be with theirs for eternity."


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