Thursday, June 27, 2013

Time is going by fast

I cannot believe that another week has gone by, I thought the MTC was a time warp, being in the field is just as bad if not worse! I am already more than halfway through my first in country transfer and I cannot believe how fast time has gone by!
This week was, as always, really good! As I am sitting here I am trying to remember everything that we have done and all the stories that I wanted to tell, but there is just so much and I can't tell you what happened this week verses last! I guess I will just start with what I do remember and see where we end up!
Friday we had a baptism! Lydia was baptized, it was so great! We spent basically all week trying to get things ready for her baptism, including finding a place for her to be baptized. She is just so little, we were pretty sure that where we had Pavlo's baptism wouldn't work for her. It didn't really matter, because she ended up getting baptized there anyway; apparently hotels with pools is not a common thing in Ukraine.
Elder Ward baptized her, the water was up to his neck again. Lydia stood on the ladder and dunked in after the prayer. She is so cute too, when she comes back up she says "Is that all?" alle, in Ukrainian. It was pretty funny! She is a great addition to our little group. Zone Leaders came for exchanges with the Elders this week and got to be here for the baptism, which was so great. Elder Sweetin, one of the Zone Leaders was in Uzzhorod before becoming a Zone Leader, so he was happy to be back for the baptism.
After the baptism, it was done at 6 at night, we headeup, it was really funny, because you all know just how much of a morning person I am not, so she wakes me up, and starts talking to me in Ukrainian and I just look at her. I didn't say anything, I don't think that my brain was functioning at that moment, and then finally Sister Ekols rolls over and tells here d back to our apartment and packed. We had a night train to catch to L'viv for our last Zone Conference as the Kiev Ukraine Mission. The train left at 11.30, and the Elders were going to pick us up a little before then to get to the train station. That train was SO hot, I feel really bad for the Elders having 4 in their coupey, we only had 2 and it was really hot! We got into L'viv at 6 in the morning. At 5 a lady come to let us know that our stop was whatever she wanted to hear, she leaves, and then Sister Echols just starts laughing! She thinks that it is the funniest thing ever that I just stared at this lady. I didn't know what to do, she woke me up and was talking in a foreign language!
Once we got off the train we went to the L'viv Sisters apartment, and L'viv is absolutely beautiful! My 3 MTC sisters were there! I was so excited to see them! Everyone else had gone for a morning run with President. We caught up and I cut Sister Wallace's hair really quick on the deck. By the time that all the Sisters got back it was pretty well known that I am a hairdresser, I am going to have to bring my scissors everywhere!
Once we got to the conference even the Senior Couple asked for a hair cut next time in L'viv! How crazy is that?! I feel like I am at an apointment salon or something!
The conference was so great! The Klebingat's are just the best, I am so sad to not be in their mission anymore starting on Saturday. President Latin gets in on Saturday, then on the first we become to L'viv Ukraine Mission. President just shared his conversion story and gave us life advice. It was so crazy to hear their story, they truely are some of the most amazing people that I know! President made me promise to cut his hair when he comes to Provo after I am home. That will be a "no pressure" haircut for sure!
After conference we caught our train at 8.30, Elder Millard got a birthday package, so we had some fun opening that with him in our coupey, apparently Elders pack more than sisters, because they ended up putting most of our luggage into our coupey so the 4 of them could sleep in theirs comfortabley, and since we had the two extra bunks it worked, but it was just kind of funny. We then spent most of the time from the time the train left to 10.30 with our heads out the window looking at the Ukrainian country side, which is absolutely beautiful and trying to cool off while doing so. The Elders got some of the most amazing pictures of a sunset I am going to have to get from them. It really is so beautiful here, the only thing that could have made it better, sister ekolz and i decided is if we could hear the church bells that they have on Sundays, total Sound of Music. I put this in here just for Colby and Ryan.
I also cut Elder Tribetts hair at the church, and that was a crazy experience! Right after District Meeting we go into the foyer area of the church to cut his hair and then all the sudden the church is just crazy with activity. Elder Millard is talking to an investigator, Sister Echols is on the phone talking with one of our investigators, Olya comes to say hi, Pavlo brings a friend for us to meet and to give her a Book of Mormon, it was just all so crazy! ....and Elder Tribett and I are just cutting hair in the middle of all of this, and no one says a word to us! It was so funny! Ukrainians just won't say anything to you, and it is so funny! It is kind of like that taxi cab experience in Florida with Rylan and I, same awkwardness Rylan and I had after the seat broke and we didn't say anything, same concept, it was so funny!
Sister Ekolz and I also committed a lady to baptism, which was amazing! We had a lesson on the Restoration with her, and watched to movie with her the next day. The Spirit was just so strong, it was unbelievable! I am still in awe thinking about it, feeling that witness was just amazing!
Time is cutting short, love you all! Until next week!

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