Monday, September 9, 2013

Church Picnic

Hello all, what another great week that we had in Uzhhorod! I will start by saying that the weeks are just flying bye, I don't know how they pass so quickly! This week was so great!
On Monday, after internet, my worst fear came to pass... not really! But my uncles will appreciate this story. So, like people know, if you have ever eaten steak with me, I don't usually cut my own meat, I am a baby and I have people do it for me, well Monday we had a District lunch and since I can't read the menu, neither can Sister Garrett, the Elders ordered for us. We got steak, they totally laughed and watched me struggle to try to cut my own food, in my defense it was a butter knife I was using. I just thought I would share since everyone made fun of me at home, telling me that I would go on a date one day and make a fool of myself, don't worry it wasn't a date, I was just with 4 Elders. No big deal.
Oh, and this week the lightbulb in our kitchen was taken care of, thank you to the Elders. We didn't get time on Monday, so we figured, hey we will just wait until next Monday. They found out and went and bought us a lightbulb. Poor Sister Garrett got to climb up onto the counter to put it in. Let there be light!
This week we did a lot of contacting around trying to get some new investigators. Right now we are only teaching S, which is getting harder and harder. She still has that guy living at the house, that is the only thing that is keeping her from being able to be baptized. Hopefully soon we will get a breakthrough with her. She is just so wonderful, I want her to have the blessings that come from baptism in her life. I just love that lady, our little Ukrainian Mom. She asked me the other day if I was sick because I have lost weight. She told me that if I keep losing weight I am going to go home and my mom is going to wonder why no one fed me and loved me when I was in Ukraine. She is just the best.
So, on Saturday, at the encouragement of S we had a ward picnic. It was really so fun! There were about 25 of us there, including the missionaries. It took up most of our day, we invited all the members and some of our potentials from English. It just so happened that O was in town as well, I was SO excited that I got to see her, it had been WAY too long! She is doing really good, she loves the University in L'viv, but I think that she really enjoyed being home. She hasn't gone to church yet in L'viv, so I don't think that she feels like she has a connection there yet. Elder Ward found out, I had to call him for something Saturday night, he was mad that I had seen her before him, and he is serving in L'viv.
The picnic, let me tell you! It was interesting, we had 4 languages going on, English, Ukrainian, Russian, and L and Y speak Hungarian to each other. M and I came as well, so they were playing all sorts of games. We had an American Football, that was fun, and that is a big deal. We threw that around a bit, sad to say that my football throwing skills have gone down hill, not that they were that great to begin with anyway... We did a lot of just talking and enjoying the time. We set up a meeting with M, a young Russian girl who has been coming to english, after the picnic, she wants to know more about the Book of Mormon and why we are so happy all the time. Good thing we have all the answers for her.
M and I, I just love those kids. They will be getting the priesthood soon, that will be so exciting! At the picnic they had so much fun playing with the Elders. They each stole a name tag from us, I gave them my old one since I have changed the spelling of my name on my tag and got new ones this week. They are the best kids. We set up a fire and the elders pulled off making some pretty amazing hamburgers, it was almost like being at home. There was a river and what O called a mountain, as a backdrop. We also, of course had some Ukrainian favorites as well, like shashleek... pretty much the best meat that you will taste. I don't really know how they make it, other that cooked over an open fire and it tastes amazing! I made some Revel Bars and cream puffs for dessert. It was just the funnest, we were all so tired after it though! Just in time to come home for some weekly planning!
Sunday was really good as well, I think that all the missionaries were still tired from that picnic. I had to speak as well, still scary no matter how many times I do it. This was Y's first Sunday as Relief Society President though, and she did SO well!! Afterward she was SO nervous that it wasn't right, but it was so great! It was all on family and raising kids.. so me and Sister Garrett are in Relief Society with S, L and Y, all grandmothers. That was awesome, I got told that they think we are going to be great mothers and then they gave us all this mothering advice. It was awkward, but the point was that Y did really well at directing everything. It was great!
This whole week was just great! No super crazy adventures, but it was so fun! I just love it here!
We are truely seeing miracles here! Heavenly Father loves his children!
Until next time!

Because of the letter I received last week from the Mission President I am going to have to start blocking out the names of those Karissa writes about and will can not post pictures of anyone from Ukraine, so I will just post pictures that have Karissa in them, which is not very many.

Apparently, my name Karissa has to Klarissa in Ukrainian because I guess in the Russian version of Ponoccio? I don't know it that is spelled right, that is the name of this evil monster type thing! I have 4 people tell me that this week when I tell them my name is Klarissa in Ukrainian and Karissa in english... so I am stickin to Klarissa only! and P.S. I changed my nametag in Ukrainian...I am not сестра шанесі, it is the more correct way to spell it because of the way that we pronounce it.

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