Friday, October 25, 2013

Love having kids at church

Well, I don't know where this week went! All I can say is that I love kids! Yesterday we had Sacrement meeting this 10 year old girl we have been trying to meet with, her older brother, who raises her, is inactive and she has a less active sister, came to church! It was so awesome! She is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! She sat next to us, we had 2 kids sitting in front of us and the V family with their 7 year old son were sitting behind us. It was crazy! We had kids going in between all three benches and coloring and all sorts of things, it was really fun! I am sure that people were just thinking "What is going on in that corner?!" But hey, we had kids to entertain! 
B is the sweetest, at one point I grabbed my journal and started writing in Ukrainian, she would correct my grammar and spelling, then make me practice it. I am doing language study with children from now on, they are ruthless! She even started grading my "papers" or the assignments she gave me. It was tough, college finals all over again by the means of a 10 year old. It was so fun to have her there with us! Her brother is letting us teach her on weekends now, so hopefully this continues. I, the V family son, who is 7 is really good at taking her to primary. So she stayed through second hour before she got called home. It was really good.... and tonight we have family home even ing with the V family, I am so excited for that! It is I birthday, but he still wants us to come over.
Yesterday, Sunday, as well Sister Rudolphi and I set out on a endeavor to make home made vereneki(?) for dinner. That was an adventure! It tasted pretty good for our first time. Don't worry when I get home I will be making you some. It is kind of like a ravioli, but not. That is the best way that I can explain it. I was quite impressed with our skills, I will be Ukrainian yet!
We are still running pretty low on investigators right now, so we did a lot of contacting activities. There is one lady  who we have a meeting with, she was really nice and took a Book of Mormon on the street. Hopefully we will begin teaching her soon. Lutsk is also really full of history, I have found this week. We got lost several, several, several, several times walking around the city talking to people. A couple of times we ended up in areas that had monuments or plaques on the buildings, especially in the older part of Lutsk, by the castle and such. I have a picture of one that I will send. It is memory of the people who were killed during a Hitler bombing on the city in 1944.
Sister Rudolphi and I both enjoy history, so as we saw the plaques we would walk up and read them if no one was around. It made me very reflective and gave me a better understanding of just how real that was for these people. The effects of the war are something that are still being felt today in this country. It wasn't just a war fought on the other side of the world for these people, it was in their backyard. They saw it, they felt it. It was very real.
We also met or tried to meet with a few less acitives this week, we stopped by this older couple in the Branch, they didn't answer the door, but luckily the baboosya who was helping us get into the building, well find the building, then get into it happened to be their neighbor/friend. She was able to pass the cookies and note over to them. The husband was out of the house and the wife is bedridden. They called later that night, and they were the sweetest things ever! I LOVE THEM! I haven't even met them, but I hung up afterward and I just love them, they were so nice and they felt so bad that they didn't open the door for us.
A few of the other less actives we tried to meet with didn't want anyting to do with us, sadly. Don't worry, we are having a Halloween Party so I have to hand deliver all the invitations, of course, so I will see them again. Luckily the weather here has not been too bad, just getting colder. I have become an avid fruit tea drinker here and have really just loved every second!

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