Monday, January 20, 2014


Oh. MY. GOODNESS! So much has happened, and yet not really anything has happened at the same time. I am just going to lay it all out on the table and my mother can edit it as she pleases so that not everyone knows how horrible of a person I truely am.
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KABRIE, ALLOA AND HAYLEE!!!! Sorry, I really did remember the birthdays, but some crazy things have been happening around here. I hope that you girls had a great birthday, and that Haylee will have a great birthday this week!
Okay, so I will just update you on the current situation... I have now been in the hospital 3 more times? I think. I have gone to a specialist and it is an allergic reaction. I am not in hysterics (at least not all the time). My bum is black and blue from shots and it has just been crazy and a half! I pretty much have slept all week because they put me on a steroid (from the mission doctor) and it has kind of made me go a little crazy! I would not suggest going to Ukraine if you want the world's classiest medical care. Everything is under control now though.
I read through the email that I sent last week and yeah, pretty much it all just kind of repeated itself over and over again and I slept a lot. I have been trying to think of what to say all week, because it has been a week....
I think it would be easier to just do it day by day at this point...
Monday-Left internet and went with Elder Jolstead and Elder Mollinet to the doctor, a specialist recommended by the most amazing couple in our branch. I have pretty much deemed Elder Jolstead as my "dad," Sister Edwards I call "mom" and Elder Mollinet is either a little brother or the puppy because he is just always making me laugh and smiling, even when I am half dead and not thinking clearly. They gave me another shot and told me that it is an allergy and that what I was doing was normal and just to keep sleeping and moving on.
Tuesday-Pretty much slept all day. We left for District Meeting, the Elders teased me, but all was well. Pretty much slept all day.
Wednesday- Had a lesson, thought I was going to die, slept pretty much the rest of the day.
Thursday- Still sick, still can't breath, coughing up a lung and a half because I was having mucus breaking up in my lungs (apparently that is what the mission doctor told me when I called him and asked why I was coughing now) They wanted to put me on some MORE medications.
Friday-Let us just talk about Friday... I am pretty sure that when I came on my mission to Ukriane I didn't picture myself at 9:00 at night, barely breathing washing my clothes in my bathtub because our washer broke. But, not only washing clothes in a bathtub, but having to heat the water on our stove because all the heat in our apartment went out. Yeah, this happened right after we tried to light the oven and my companion literally almost died and I got to cut 2 inches of her hair off because it was singed by the fire that exploded out of our oven. I am not even kidding you. We cried. Both Sister Edwards and I sat down on the ground and just cried. Usually I could just laugh at these things, but it was just too much! We hadn't done missionary work in days, we were freezing in the apartment, had no clean clothing, I still couldn't breath, her hair had just been singed by gas explosion of our oven and it was just.... it was hard. There is no other word for it. Elder Peterson and Elder Mollinet (they were on exchanges) brought some heaters from that apartment for us to have for the night.
Not that we needed them, because we had another midnight hospital run. Again. Elder Lippert and Elder Jolstead came with us. It is getting a little too routine around here. We have seen them a lot lately and I never knew that they could do stand up comedy.
So, Saturday morning; another doctor appointment. After that I was done. I called my mission president and just said "President, listen, I need to have a conversation with you..." and I just told him that I wasn't going to take another pill and that I was done with everything. I needed to get my head back.
Bottom line, I just realized as I was going through this week of everything that happened... I am just grateful for the atonement. I can tell you that I think all of this started from an allergic reaction, (I also colored my hair, which is what the Elders think that started all of this). However, I have learned such a bigger lesson from all of this and it all just came together. My companion is so amazing and she has had to go through some rough things just in the 1 and 1/2 transfers that she has been here, but I couldn't have done it without her. I know that there is no way, no how, I could have made it without the help of the great Elders that we have here (Not kidding, Elder Jolstead and Elder Mollinet deserve the best of the best masions is heaven) and I could not have done this first and foremost without God, His son Jesus Christ, or the Atonement. Everything is back to normal though. I have one more doctor appointment today and then I am free, my head is now clear, no more meds and it is looking bright.
I agree with my District Leader when he said if we could just find Sister Edwards and I a new apartment and I can breath regularly again we will deem it a successful transfer.

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