Monday, July 22, 2013

Gardening this week

Hello family! Another week has gone by and I can't believe how fast the week has come and gone! What a week it was though! Monday was absolutely just crazy and it set the tone for the rest of the week. I loved every second of it though! It was just the funnest thing ever! After we left the internets on Monday we had a meeting with Olya and one of her friends that didn't end up happening, so we just talked to Olya. She is making some really tough decisions in her life right now, with University, the church, and all other things that happen when you are about 18. It made me empathize with parents a lot because I just want what is best for her, what her Heavenly Father wants for her, however she needs to make her own decisions and we can only help guide her. It is really hard. I know that she will do what is best for her though. We then had time for some walking around center for about an hour before our next lesson with Silva and Anya. They are both being baptized on the 3rd of August! It is so great!
Sasha gets to baptize his sister and his mom! How exciting is that?! I am so excited for that family, they are all just so amazing and are all taking the lessons and coming to church. What a great family they are! I just love them so very much!
Tuesday was Elder Millards birthday! Yay! He is 20! We had District Meeting that day so all of us were at the church. Sister Echols and I made him a Kontik ice cream cake with 20 Kontiks in it, it was pretty good. We also decorated the church a little bit with some streamers (AKA cut up plastic table clothe) over the door. He got to open some presents too from members and the other Elders. It was a fun little birthday party!
On friday night we had a great little movie night and watch The Mountain of the Lord. I am going to have to say that the Elders have gotten pretty good at turning our little sacrement room into a decent theater room. We had a pretty good turn out and they liked the movie, I understood the movie this time a lot better than I understood the last movie, that is a plus. Or it could just be that I have seen that movie a million times in English... either way, I understood it better.
Saturday.... let us just talk about Saturday. I am still physically recovering from our Saturday adventure, literally. We have this lovely little garden, patch 280 centimeters by 650 centimeters, and it was looking just really sad, the members were starting to notice how sad it looked, so on Wednesday Elder Ward, Elder Terry, Sister Echols and I came up with a plan to work on it before FHE, and after FHE ran the plan over with the other Elders. I love the people in my district, they are all just so smart, really good at science, math, all that stuff... creativity, I think that they think that I am crazy, but it is okay! So we came up with this plan and on Saturday we decided to carry it out. Of course, very different from the original plan because of budget.
We got up Saturday morning and were at the church by 8. We saved some of the plants that were worth saving, then started digging. We had to dig out this HUGE hill and take a bunch of dirt out because it was over flowing and we wanted to lay a weed tarp and some wood chips down. The poor Elders got the carry bags of dirt accross the street and down a little ways to dump it. It was quite an adventure. After 2 hours Elder Terry and Elder Millard went on a split to teach some lessons, so Elders Tribett and Ward were left with us to Sisters digging and hauling the dirt, leveling it all out... Wow, it was like working in the yard all over again. I felt right at home just digging my little heart out. We finally finished around 7 that night, we took an hour for lunch in Center, and it looks SO good! Elder Ward did buy an even amount of plants, that was tough to work around, why would you buy 10, doesnt't he know you have to do things with odd numbers?! It worked out okay though, and Elder Tribett was genious with the wood chips. Man, it really looks so good!
Today and yesterday though, I am feeling that digging though! Whoa! It looks so good though! It looks very, very American though! While we were working on it we were the entertainment, 6 Americans working on this project, speaking english... Yup, and not very often, as in never, is a project in Ukraine started and completed in a day. It is a very American looking garden, but we all love it! The Elders just loved the weed tarp more than anything. Elder Ward was like a kid in a candy store when we got to start laying that down. It was so great! I will have to send a picture.
P.S., I got to speak again in Ukrainian. That was a scary experience, but I survived!

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