Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The week with Hives

WOW! Let us just talk about the crazy life here in Uzgorod! I say this every week, I can't believe that the time is passing so fast and this week I feel as though we have lived 3 weeks in one. Sister Echols and I were just talking about everything that happened this past week and everything that will happen this week, it is just so crazy! We have so much to do, I don't know how we manage to get it all done and have everything work out. The Lord is so good to us!
After I emailed last week we had a crazy P-Day, trying to get everything done. We ended P-Day a little early to have a meeting with Olya. She is just a dear, and I love her so much. I have never met someone so dedicated to this cause and not a member yet, not by choice of her own, of course. We talked with her about fasting because she had had a question about fasting. Olya is trying to get into University as well, making a lot of big decisions in her life and we thought that it would be good to help her understand fasting and the power of fasting, fasting with a purpose. It was a really good lesson.
On Tuesday we had english start up, that is always so fun! I feel like I learn more Ukrainian at english than I do at any other time in the week.This week I was sitting next to Sasha, one of our members, and trying to translate for him... It was quite a sight. Sister Echols was laughing at me because I said some pretty ridiculous things. It was really fun though, and we had some new people come, hopefully we get some more people coming regularly as well.
After English on Tuesday we went over to Sasha's to have a lesson with Silva. We took Elder Tribett and Elder Millard with us to help us on the lesson. Silva has a little friend that she needs to get rid of before she can get baptized on the 3rd. The Elders were there to help us kind of scout out the situation and help us for when we do address the Law of Chastity again with us. Plus, Silva just loves Elder Millard for some reason and was so happy to have him over for dinner.
When we got back from Silva's though I had hives. Ugh! I didn't know what they had come from, but they were really bad.
When I woke up on Wednesday I still had them, so Sister Echols made me call the mission doctor to just make him aware of the situation. He told me to take some Clariton and if I have trouble breathing to go to the hospital immediately. So, I borrowed some Clariton from the Elders and called it good for the day.
We had Family Home Evening that night, we played signs, always so fun! Yeva came to FHE as well, I love Yeva. She calls me her "Bilo Sneeshka," which means "Snow White." I don't know why. but she thinks that I look like Snow White. It is a Disney Princess, so I will take the compliment.
After FHE we went to have a lesson with Silva and talk about the Law of Chastity with her. Too bad we didn't get to far into the lesson. We ate with her, then I started not being able to breath. It took all the concentration in the world for me to breath with deep breaths to make sure that I could get enough air. So, Sister Echols excused us and got us out of there. Poor Sasha thought that I needed to go in the ambulance, we told him no and that I was fine. 
We left the house and Sister Echols was freaking out, not knowing what to do. I was more worried about her than I was for myself! She called Elder Millard and Elder Tribett and told them to meet us at the church because I did not want to go to a Ukrainian hospital if I could help it. Elder Millard and Elder Tribett met us at the church, I sat down and just kept breathing. Sister Echols was freaking out, Elder Millard didn't know what to do, good old Elder Tribett though called the doctor to see what to do and what hospital I needed to go to.
Turns out, Uzzhorod is such a new area that the doctor didn't even know. Don't worry, it all works out because apparently the other Elders had met a guy who is a doctor that the church has sponsored to go to Oregon and study medical stuff. So they called him, and long story short... They gave me a blessing and I ended up in a Ukrainian hospital. Luckily the doctor spoke english, Elder Tribett explained what happened, that I couldn't breath and that would be why we are here. The Elders waited out in the hall while they checked me, and I got two HUGE shots of hormone so that I could breath again. Sister Echols about passed out from the shots and they didn't even go near her. The poor thing!
It was quite the adventure and a half, needless to say, we got home a little late that night. Don't worry, everything is fine now. We are all good, and now they are calling a specialist in from Kiev to scout out hospitals and doctors in Uzzhorod that missionaries can go to if needs be from here on out. Look how helpful I was being!
Turns out that I am allergic to a brand of juice here in Ukraine. It is called "Dobray" brand, which means "good" in Ukrainian, it isn't good for me we have found. So, now I am off all juices for the next month and on Clariton for a week, then I can start having juices, avoiding that brand. Yay! It is so hard to go without juice here, they drink it for everything, but I don't think I am willing to experience that again. I am so grateful for Sister Echols and the Elders though, especially being able to have the Elders give me a blessing before we went to the hospital. 
The rest of the week has just been as crazy and well! In was Anya's birthday on Thursday, so we celebrated with her a little bit. She is just so great! I can't wait for her to get baptized on Saturday!!! She has already read through 2 Nephi, went back and reread it as well becuase she didn't fully understand it! That is just amazing! The Gospel is just making sense to her, it is amazing! I am so grateful to be able to watch the change in her as she progresses in the Gospel. That whole family is just amazing!
Sasha is such a good example for them, what a great guy! Ah, I love Sasha! I love all of them, they are such an amazing family that just gives everything they have to other people. I am so blessed to be able to know them. They truely are just amazing, hardworking people, who love their family. It is so amazing to see how much the Gospel has already blessed them and changed them, and on the 3rd, on Saturday, they will be blessed even more when Sasha gets to baptize Silva, his mom, and Anya, his sister! Ah, so exciting!
Being here has just been such a blessing and I love this place so much! I am so truely blessed to be among these amazing people! I love them all!

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