Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yet again, Another week has gone by

Yet again, I can't believe that I am writing you all. Time is just flying bye. I am sitting next to Elder Millard at the computer lab and he just shared a really cool thought that a friend of his had emailed to him about why time passes so quickly while on your mission. It said that as we work to teach the Gospel and build the kingdom of God we are teaching eternal princples and in enternity there is no time.Ponder on that for a bit.
This week was so great! We had a baptism!!! It was absolutely so crazy, but it happened and it was just the best! Sasha got to baptize his sister! YAY!! That family is just so amazing! The baptism was on Saturday, so Sister Echols and I spent the morning, during studies, making cream puffs and banana bread for the baptism. Then we went the church to drop off the food until the baptism. We filled the cream puffs with Nutella at the church, that way they would stay and not have to be in a fridge. The Elders were the taste testers and definately approved. Apparently Elder Ward has an addiction to Nutella...? They ate the cream puffs as fast as we could fill them, and the baptism wasn't even until 6 and half of them were gone. I am glad that they liked them.
Then we went and put the program together, went back to the church to fold them, were the Elders scared us half to death, they even caught it on film, it was great. Got the flowers that we bought for Anna and headed to the place for the baptism.
When we got there it was so crazy! Apparently the Sauna was in use and all this crazy stuff, so Elder Ward and Elder Terry went to go talk to the guy who was using the Sauna to see what the deal was because we had reserved it. That was an awkward conversation for them considering that the guy was naked. Sister Echols and I came around the corner to see what was going on and Elder Terry like freaked out, was like don't come over here. So we turned to head the other way, it was an adventure. We got the sauna for 15 minutes though, so we bypassed the talks, sung a hymn, said a prayer and she was baptized.
Sasha had to baptize her 3 times, the first time she didn't go all the way under, the second time he didn't say the prayer and just dunked her, so the third time he got it right. It was so great, the poor things though, the water was ICE! I felt so bad!
After they got dressed we all walked back to the church and had Elder Ward talk about the Holy Ghost, had a quick testimony meeting and ate the food. It was so crazy, but it worked out well.
Anna was supposed to be confirmed yesterday in church, however at 11:15 they still were not there. We hadn't started yet because the confirmation was kind of a big deal and they weren't answering there phones, so Sister Echols and I went on a scavenger hunt for them. We found Silvia, the mom, and her two younger boys walking to church, but no Sasha and  no Anna.
Long story short, they had a family thing and they didn't come. We proceeded with church and afterward went to their house for dinner. Poor Sasha was embarrassed and Anna wasn't there. The family argument proceeded while we all sat there, so we got to defuse that and Silvia fed us, gave us all juice too, good old Elders wouldn't let me anywhere near it. It was just a crazy event. Next week Anna will be confirmed though.
Last week, I don't think I mentioned this but we had the Wilson family from Seattle come to church. Sister Wilson is from here and they came to visit her parents. So they came with their two young kids to church. It was so fun hearing kids again at church. So on Wednesday they invited all 6 of us missionaries over to her parents house for chilli. It was SO good and SO weird. He made the best chilli ever out of Kvas, it is a drink, essentially of fermented bread, I think that it is gross, it tastes fermented, but the chilli was amazing! It was just so weird though being in a home with people, speaking english, who are solid members of the  church. It freaked Elder Tribett out a bit. He goes home soon and he was saying that the whole situation just tripped him out.
They have a 4 year old Zhennia and a 10 month old, Tyler, and they were the cutest things ever! Tyler was crawling around and playing with us. He was trying to eat Elder Tribetts knee and loved eating Elder Wards fingers. It was so fun! I was dying the entire time though, because as missionaries we can't hold babies. AH! I wanted to pick him up and play with him the whole time! He was just the cutest thing! It was such a fun experience being there with them, very strange and familiar for all of us. Not Ukrainian, nor totally American, it was fun though.
It was a great week and it went by so fast! I enjoy every second of being here on a mission. There is nothing that I would rather be doing. These people have touched my life in such a way that I will never be the same, I love them all so much!
I hope that all is well on the homefront!

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