Monday, August 12, 2013

Last week before I become a trainer

Another week has come and gone, and it was just as crazy as the last! This coming week is my last week with Sister Echols before transfers next week. I am so sad! I love her so much, she really is the greatest! I told her the other day that we need to make this last week count and go out with a bang, then I remembered all that has happened in the time that we have been together, pretty sure it was all a complete adventure!
We find out this week where we are going for transfers, and next Wednesday I get my new little trainee! That is not freaking me out at all! Thank heavens I have the lord on my side because there is no way I could make it without Him. Elder Millard, our beloved District Leader is leaving on Wednesday to train for a week and then become Assistant to the President. He is the big man on campus now, we keep telling him that he needs to remember us here in little Uzhgorod! His companion Elder Tribett gets to be the 3rd wheel with the other Elders for a week, that will be interesting!
Needless to say on Sunday, it was a rough day, Elder Millard's last Sunday here. Anna received the gift of the holy ghost, which was so amazing! She was SO happy! That family is just the greatest, on Wednesday Elder Millard and Elder Tribett committed her two younger brothers to baptism as well, that whole family is going to be baptized! AHH! It is just so great! I started crying, I was just so happy for her, she is truely amazing!
Then I got to give a talk on families, yup! Cried through the whole thing! Then after I sat down I just felt this overwhelming love for the people in Uzhgorod, I just was so grateful for them, and I love them all so much, they are all absolutely amazing! So I sat in the back and was just crying, feeling the Spirit so strongly, then Elder Millard gets up gives his talk, then closing hymn... God be with you til we meet again, that was a killer! Then Yeva, says the closing prayer and starts crying over Elder Millard. Wow, all of us were in tears by the end of the meeting. It was just a tear jerker there.
These people are just so amazing and I am truely blessed to know them and love them.
The rest of this week has been pretty normal, on Tuesday we went with Anna walking around the city. We made sure to see her everyday between the baptism and her confirmation. She took us to this war memorial graveyard outside of center. It was really cool! There were military tanks and all kinds of stuff, Rylan would have been freaking out! It was really cool!
On Friday poor Sister Echols had a headache and was really dizzy, so we spent the day in the apartment. She slept all day, I worked on my talk, watched "The Testiments" in Ukrainian, writing all the words I didn't know and translating them, then did some more study, then cleaned the bathrooms, then caught up in my journal, then cleaned some more.... It was a long day, but my journal is all caught up and my talk was good.
We started teaching Sveta from english, and she is the coolest lady I have ever met in my life! Wow! She is Orthodox, that was a struggle thinking of that word in english. She started coming to english, but is really interested in living prophets, the Elders started talking with her, we took over and started teaching her. It is a little hard because she is a Russian speaker, so she will start out in Ukrainian with us, go into Russian, throw in some english, then Russian again. She does like to correct my Ukrainian though, it is always fun! She came to church on Sunday as well, calls us to make appointments with us, she is just so cool!
This whole week went by so fast, but it was really great! As always we have so much fun! I love every second of being here!
I am really sorry for my emails lately, my english has totally gone down hill! I can't even think of some words in english anymore, so I just say them in Ukrainian and everyone here does the same thing. So my emails... I have read through them, they are pretty bad, sorry about that!
Wow, I cannot believe that you all killed a goat. That will be fun to report on Tuesday when the Elders ask how our families are. I am jealous that you had a great time at the Ranch, it is okay though, I am in Ukraine and you can't beat this place, especially Uzhgorod! Ah, I forgot to put on my blog email, Sister Echols and I got caught in this HUGE rain storm, soaked all the way to the skin, when we got home our make up was all down our faces, it was so funny! The thunder was so crazy! We were just laughing so hard at ourselves, the videos from it are great! You will have to wait until I get home to see them, or maybe I will send them with Sister Echols.

P.S. just so you know in Ukraine my name is Klarissa ShaughNEssy, it is really funny, they cannot pronounce my name, so I gave up, I am Klarissa ShaughNEssy just like Sister Echols is Camilla Echoes, not Camille Echols. We have a good time changing our names around.
This week was absolutely crazy, but I am don't know that I want any of this to ever end! It is becoming fall here now, and I was just thinking how weird it is that I really have almost been gone for half a year. It doesn't seem like that at all, the weeks just fly bye, I am scared to even think about ever coming home. Even now, I am 9 transfers away from coming home and I think that is just a little too close for comfort I love it here so much and I love the people here.
I am terrified because next week I begin training, that is just so scary! Sister Echols is my total crutch, I love her dearly and she always can just pick up and explain for me what I can't or answer things that I can't in Ukrainian,and now it is my turn to be that for someone else. I have a feeling that I will be leaving Uzhgorod to, and I just don't want to. I love these people so very much! I am so blessed!

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