Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

What a week! I never know where to begin these emails because so much has happened that it is just too hard to start...
First off, my favorite thing to do in the mission, okay not favorite, however I really actually enjoy tracting. I think that it is so fun! Don't ask me why, but I truely LOVE it, and this week we have met some of the greatest people while taking on that adventure.
Just so you know, most Ukrainians live in apartment buildings, and if you have ever seen a Ukrainian elevator... Let me just say, I prefer to walk up to the top of a 10 floor building before I take one of those things. So we did some tracting this week, our investigator pool is running a little low at the moment, and we met some of the greatest people ever! At first we went to this building to stop by a lady that we had found in the area book and had been taught a while ago, but only had an address. So, we wanted to stop by her and see how she was doing and if there was interest again, however we had time, so we decided to tract the whole building as well. We ended up talking to this one old man and for the life of me I could not hear what his name was, I didn't understand what he was saying to me when he said it, but I love him. He was just the sweetest, old, Ukrainian man I had ever talked to in my life! He had just had 3 surgeries and just begged us to pray for him everyday, and we said we could pray with him right then, he didn't want that, but we have been praying for him everyday, and just happened to write down his address and give it to the Elders as well. We went by later in the week to see how he was feeling and bring him brownies, the Elders offered him a blessing as well. He was literally the cutest thing ever and he loved us. He kept saying that he didn't have talk time or strength to talk to us, however he talked with us for a good half hour outside his apartement door.
While tracting as well we found Nina. A very believing older lady. She let us in and gave her some brownies, we had extra and when you say american treat everyone wants some. We talked with her for almost an hour, she cried as she talked about Christ. Also, found out that she had met with missionaries before, but is not interested at this time. She allowed us to come in and share a message though, so we read from the Book of Mormon about Christ coming to the America's and how he blessed the children. She loved it, but sady still wouldn't agree to meet again. Apparently she can't believe in the church because Joseph Smith didn't keep the 4th commandment? I really enjoyed meeting with her, and we will try to keep in contact. She was wonderful!
We also teach english two nights a week, and this week we decided to teach them tongue twisters, because we were teaching the advanced class. That was really funny! However, they all laughed at me because I couldn't say them at all! I would trip over my words quite badly every time, they could say them better than I could. Then they decided to then teach me Ukrainian tongue twisters, those were even worse! It was so funny though!
Also, we got a stellar new MCL, or Missionary Coordinating Leader. Brat Voytook! I am so excited we had our first meeting with him and it was so amazing! He is just the best and it will be awesome to start working with him to get things going here in Lutsk. We are on the brink of something great happening here, I know it.
I also got to speak in church on Sunday. It had been a while. I spoke for 20 minutes even, that was a miracle and proof that the gift of tongues really is legitamit. I spoke on gratitude (that was challenge remembering that word in english) if you would like to know what it is in Ukrainian vdyachneest or вдячність.
Also, sad news. My companion, Sister Rudolphi is being transferred down to Chernivsti this week. We found out this week from our landlord, then called the Assistants to figure out what was going on. A sister needs to finish her mission in the states and because we are a threesome they decided to send Sister Rudolphi down there. It has been really hard on her, she is leaving her first area and we were not waiting for this to happen. So we will be going into L'viv on Thursday to take her there and then Sister Edwards and I will be returning to Lutsk that night. We won't be in L'viv for very long... just long enough to take her to the mission office and Elder Ward and Elder Robinett heard I was coming into L'viv so they called to see "how things were going" AKA, asking for banana bread. Silly little Elders.
AND, just so you know, our sink broke in our kitchen. We were just baking some brownies, Sister Edwards was getting excess water off of the sink area and all the sudden half of the sink like falls! So we try to fix it and counter weight it to get it to stay up (pictures to come) and trying to get pictures as well. Right at that moment, Elder Peterson and Elder Lippert decide to call to ask a question, so they get volunteered to come fix it for us. Apparently, it was being held up by tape before, so now that they have fixed it it is being help up by tape and a jar sitting on the back part under the counter.
OH, the joys of mission life! I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know that I will. Ukraine is the best! Love you all!

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