Monday, November 11, 2013

I was needed in Lutsk

Oh my crazy week! It was just wonderful! I don't even know where to begin... Let us start with Tuesday. I cannot believe how amazing that day was, it was just perfectly crazy and wonderful, such a blessing in disguise. So during language we get a call from District Leader, Elder Robinett, he informed me that if we didn't have our winter stuff we needed to get it this week because next week it is supposed to be in the negatives. Well, I hadn't bought my coat yet, I didn't want to, but if it is going to get that cold that soon, it was needed. So, we had to adjust plans to go to the reenok, is what it is in Ukrainian, I guess you could call it a Farmers Market type thing in english, I don't know. Got what we needed from there; I now own the craziest coat you have ever seen in your life. I look like an eskemo when I wear it, pictures will come.
After then we had to run to the church to drop off the Elders pans that we washed for them from Halloween, they happened to be there, and were elated to find that they got the pans back, or maybe it was because I baked them brownies in their pan to return it? Don't know. Talked with them for a minute before heading out.
We wanted to do a stop by to a couple in our Branch. The wife is ill and has been bedridden for many years and her husband is ill as well, this has left them unable to attend church and the wife unable to accept baptism because of their health.
We decided to bring them brownies and just do a simple stop by to see how they were doing. We got to their building and the door was not opened and no one would let us up. I turned to my companion and said "We are sitting on this bench for 5 minutes, someone is going to let us in." It happened. We get to the door and the husband let us in, he was so sweet and so happy that we had come. His wife was in the main room, laying on a hospital bed, she can't even sit up. Her eyes told the story of someone who had had a lot of trials and was ill. She whispered a word, I didn't understand her, but then her husband started talking to us.
He had us sit at the table in the center of the room. He was so happy when he had found that I had served in Uzh, he had lived there several years before. We got to talk about the town and how much we both loved it, wonderful. He has a Book of Mormon he wrote our names in and several other little things we were able to help him out with. The whole time his wife laid in bed, staring at me. I thought it was weird, she is sick, I didn't know what to do, I would talk to her, but she never replied.
At the close we shared a scripture about how the Lord is always with us, and we need to remember that no matter our trial he will be there. We prayed, but before we left he said that he needed to show us a photo. The husband found the picture then pulled out a mirror. He asked me to look in the mirror and tell him who I saw; myself. He then showed the photograph to me. It was black and white, well worn and loved. He asked me if I knew this woman, I said no I didn't know who she was, I am sorry. She was around my age, and beautiful, but I didn't know her, never had I seen her before. He again asked me to look in the mirror and then again at the photo. I asked the name of the girl; Alla. He explained they could never have any children because of his wife's health condition, it is a sensitive subject for them. However, they did have the opportunity to have a friend's daughter live with them for several years after her mother had passed away; they had finished raising her, I am sure a great blessing to them. The picture he showed me was of her, Alla.
Then the wife started speaking, crying as well. She said that I looked just like her. My eyes, hair color, smile, voice, everything was just like her. When I had walked in the room she had said her name, "Alla" thinking that it was her that had come to visit. I saw the love that she had for that young girl in her eyes as she looked at me, she was so happy that I had come, that I had reminded her of "Her Alla." She said that she was just thinking of the missionaries, wondering when we would come again, we always brighten her day she said, and then we came, but even better Alla had come.
After leaving the home, we walked out the door and found an investigator of the elders walking his dog. He showed us where he lived and we talked for a minute on the street; the elders have been trying to find where he lives for a long time. We narrowed down the the apartment in 3 minutes. We left him, needing to be on our way to english.
I had to stop and have a good cry first. It was all just too perfect. I am supposed to be in Lutsk.
That was just the begining to a great week! I don't know how it could have gotten better, but it did!
Sister Kelley from my MTC District is Sister Training leader, therefore she got to come this week with her companion and do Exchanges! Best 2 days of my life! It was SO much fun getting to serve with her again, actually in the field this time. Her companion, Sister Makey was actually trained by Sister Echols, so that was great being with her for a day and talk about Sister Echols and how wonderful she is!
Sister Kelley and I got to teach a lesson together, that was amazing! Pretty sure we have both grown since the MTC, it was great to just see that happen and really witness it! We had a mini freak out over our halfway mark being this upcoming transfer. I want to cry, Ukraine is just to wonderful and I don't know anything! There is no way! NO WAY!
It is just crazy wonderful! We also got transfo this week, I will be staying in my beloved Lutsk, training again, with Sister Rudolphi and a newby! We are going to have a tri-panionship, that will be interesting, I don't know where she will fit in our apartment, but we will make it work. Our beloved District Leader, Elder Robinett is being transferred out, sadly. I am devastated! He is just the best, I love him so much! He will be in L'viv. We are getting my new little trainey and Elder Lippert, I don't know him, but he will be Elder Peterson's new companion, they served together in his last area. It will be different, but I am excited!
Also, on Saturday we got invited to go to the castle here in Lutsk with the Elders investigator. (Awkard moment when just I was invited and given the number specifically and my companion and a set of Elders comes with us.) It was SO MUCH FUN! Oh my goodness, so much cooler than the one in Mikachevo! Wow, Igor, the investigator took us and he knows so much about history, he is studying it at University. It is awesome! He told us all these random facts, like that they made the cement by putting cows blood into it to make it stronger. It was so awesome!
Then Elders also got to have arrows shot at them by this archer guy, that was quite intense. It was so great though! I have SO many pictures to send.
On Sunday we had a lesson with our 10 year old investigator, Vika, that was a blast. We painted prayer rocks and talked about prayer. She is the cutest thing ever, especially when we get to skip down the hall to show the Elders our painting, and when we loose her because she decides to play hide and seek from the missionaries. The kids in this branch are wonderful! Our branch Presidents daughter came right in and sat right next to me at church and walked around the church with me, holding my hand. AH! I am loving it all!
What a wonderful week!

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