Monday, February 17, 2014

Love this city!!

Oh, my goodness! I love this city! It is just so little and so fun! It reminds me of Uzh in that way, just a little branch that has this burning desire to just grow and it is a fire that is contagious! The other Sisters are just on fire too, this week they were able to get two baptismal dates, which is just amazing! They set one up for this upcoming Saturday! We have a baptism here on Saturday, that is just the most wonderful thing ever! I am so excited for this branch! I really am just loving it here though!
This week has been good, a little difficult. Just adjusting to a new city and a new way of life. We have done a lot of area book work and talking with people because our investigator pool is just a little kind of sad at the moment. Don't worry though, we have been talking to some people and we will get that built back up here pretty soon. We need to get some fire back in this town, and back within myself. I have pretty sick again, so that has made it pretty difficult, but you know. Hey, I survived a Ukrainian hospital, tracting a million buildings to find someone elect is not going to kill me.
It has been super fun serving around Sister Wallace again. I love being able to see how much we have grown since our time in the MTC. She is just so wonderful! We were at our ukrianian lesson just the other day and I looked across the room at her and was like, Hey remember that one time we were trying to learn Ukrainian in the MTC and now we kind of almost speak this language. We laughed, it was pretty fun being with her again!
In case you are wondering, they don't really have Valentines Day in Ukraine. It is something that is kind of new and not really an official holiday. We had english that night, so we talked about funny phrases we say about love and made some valentines in english that they could hand out to people. It was really fun. Afterward we put on the Resoration Film for all who wanted to stay and watch. We had quite the good turn out, which was just awesome! I am so excited! 
One of the Elders investigators brought a friend and she stayed for the movie and took 3 Books of Mormon when she left. We talked to her as well. I tried to set up an appointment with her, but it didn't work out. Next time though, she said that she will be coming, we are just praying that we can get an appointment with her.
Things are moving forward here, I am excited to see where this transfer takes us!

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