Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weirdest things happen to me

Feb 24 at 2:15 AM
You know, every transfer I feel like I have just had the weirdest things happen to me. For example, getting lost, giving people my earrings, allergic reactions, passing out, things of the like. They seem to happen pretty consistantly and I always wonder how they are going to get worse, because last transfer, 10 shots, 3 x-rays, and an MRI all within the space of about 14 days seems to me like it could not be topped. It was.
I bet you are all wondering what has happened, however, I know that you have news availability and you are probably well aware of all that happened in Kiev this week, so for the sake of scaring my grandmother and mother half to death I will just let it be that there was a revelution going on while while I was safe in my bed with bronchitis.
In case you have never had bronchitis before I will just tell you that it is not fun! At all! Pretty sure that I picked it up because of how weak my lungs were after having my allergic reactions. It actually turned out that all 4 of us sisters here in K-town were sick and for some reason it put my district leader more at ease because of the things going on out on the streets. He pretty much just used it as an excuse to keep us locked up in our apartments and safe; I am not complaining.
So, I have left my house 4 times, every time having the elders escort us, so no worries about my safety, please, honestly I have not seen anything that has been going on, I just hear about it. I had to run to the sisters apartment to use the bathroom, because in Ukraine sometimes your water will just go out for hours on end, and the other times were to go on exchanges with Sister Wallace.
She was the sickest out of all of us, so one time I went to the hospital with her because she had to go get a test done, the elders came with us as well. As long as I was able to get our point accross to Elder Obiok he was able to tell the nurses exactly what we needed. Too bad the test that she needed to take they didn't have, so we have to go back on another day,  oh the joy. I can't wait for that to happen again.
The other time was when the two less sick Sisters had to go help with English. So I went to tend to Sister Wallace, because we were the sickest. Turned into a huge party, let me tell you. Walked over to her house, the two sisters left, she curled up on her bed to sleep, I curled up on her companions and slept until they came home. It was quite the exciting time.
Then, yesterday I went to church. Only to have the Relief Society President kick me out during third hour telling me that I needed to go home because I sounded awful. I tried arguing, but it was two baboosya's, one of them being a doctor against myself. Needless to say, I got sent home and as I was leaving my Branch President said that he was impressed we made it that long in church without being kicked out. Honestly, I felt bad for everyone, I sat in the back coughing up a lung during the 2 meetings I did attend.
So, that is pretty much it for me and my week. Things are normal here now, I just have a huge cough and am going on Antibiotic this week. Yay.... Hopefully things will get better with my health and we can be talking it up again with people on the streets. As much as I love reading the words of Apostles and Prophets, reading through 2 liahona's and 300 pages of Jesus the Christ is 5 days is a little sad, I think that I would prefer some missionary work.
This next week is looking up! I hope that all of you had a great time this week and we will see ya next time.

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