Monday, April 14, 2014

April General Conference

It was General Conference weekend here in Ukraine and it was lovely! I enjoyed all of it, this time I watched conference all in English. I was kind of sad, but at the same time really happy that I could get all I wanted out of conference, if not more. Conference was absolutely amazing and it was just what I needed to hear so many times over and over.
This week has been crazy and kind of hard. Sister Snyder and I are running low on investigators and it has been taking its tole trying to find some new people who are ready to hear this message. We keep trying though and are doing our best to meet with members as well. We decided to take an adventure out to a sello (Ukrainian village) and tried to find some lost or less active members. IT WAS SO FUN!! We picked a nice, happy, drizzly, gray day to make our way out there. It was actually not far from the city, so it didn't take us too long to get there.
What you picture Ukraine to be like, that is exactly what these little sello's look like. I love going out there, they are always so beautiful and it has been so rainy here lately that everywhere you look it is all just so green! Sadly we found that the member we wanted to find was indeed lost. Talking to her neighbors we learned that she had moved years ago and she didn't know to where. She told us to head up the hill and see if some other people knew her. So why not?!
We hiked up this hill and got to watch these two baby goats play with these 2 little 4 year olds. It was so cute! The goats kept jumping on the kids and they would run and play... the cutest thing that I have EVER SEEN! I was in tears because I thought it was just the cutest! We talked to their grandmother for a minute and we asked her if she had heard of the lady we were searching for; she hadn't. I still enjoyed talking with her and watching her grandkids. Pretty much they were the cutest things ever all bundled up and trying to waddle/run away from the baby goats jumping on them. Yup, I was in love!
This week we also had this wonderful opportunity to have a young womens activity. I love my calling as young women's president, it really is so fun! We decided, with the urging of a member here, that the girls need to learn how to cook. With General  Conference coming up we thought it would be great if we made borsht and serve it for lunch during conference. Sadly, only one of the young women came, but we still had a great time. One of our members came and helped. We got schooled in Ukrainian cooking. I can now say that I know how to make a mean borscht. 
On Saturday and Sunday was General Conference!!!! The members watched in with Elder Obuikh in Ukrainian in the sacrament room. The rest of us and a member that speaks english watched it in english in president's office. It was so much fun! We had a little camp out going in the office as we listened to the words of the prophets. It was wonderful! I took so many notes and just can't wait to read and study the talks. (It is almost like I have turned into a missionary or something.)
My companion and I were talking the other day about technology, we came to the conclusion that we are so happy to get iPhones so that we can have the settings in Ukrainian and also so that we can download all the LDS aps and listen to church podcasts and talks while we worked out and are driving.... That is what happens when you are a missionary. :)
I hope that all of you have a wonderful week! I know that I will, thank you for all the Birthday Wishes! 

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