Monday, April 7, 2014

Kinda a Big Deal

What is up family?! I hope that you had a wonderful week this week, I know that I did and it has just flown by! I still have one more general conference here in Ukraine. That seems like so much time, but I remember last general conference like it was yesterday. I can't believe it! So crazy! Just so you know, the new member of the Seventy, Klebingat? He was my mission president in the Kiev Mission. That is kind of a big deal! When I heard that he had been called I like died, he wants me to cut his hair when I get back... I don't know if I am up for that anymore! That is a little intense.
This week has been really great though, we have had a great time here in K-town. President and Sister Lattin came down for a few days and we got to the "Helping Hands" Project. We went down to a local riverbank and picked up trash for a couple hours. It was such a wonderful experience. We had so much fun! Not many members showed up, but we had so many of the investigators come and help out to help. 
Our really solid and strong members and youth were at the temple, our branch president decided to take them all on a temple trip in his car. It was so wonderful, they were so happy to go! Yesterday all the youth that went got up and bore their testimonies about what they experienced. The temple is just such a special place and it really is the biggest blessing to have a temple in this country for its members. 
I was talking to Olya and she was telling me that she wants to go to BYU now, I was like wow, that would be great! Pray about it, she asked me if I went to BYU, I told her no, but I live really close! So, if she went we could see each other. She said that would be great, then asked if there was as temple that we could go to if she came to attend school or just to visit... I told her that she would have a few to pick from and named all the ones that we could get to withing about an hour. She was in shock. I never really realized what a blessing it is to have the temple SO close to us all the time where we live. It truely is amazing!
I have been thinking a lot about the temple this week, after talking with Olya, our youth being at the temple, one of the girls, it was her first time. She was baptized just a few weeks ago and told us that she cried as she had to leave. Also, I had the opportunity to translate for President Lattin as he had some temple recommend interviews with the members. It was such a wonderful experience as I got to translate and explain the wonderful blessings and strength that comes from the temple. It was so wonderful!
My translating skills were pushed to the limits this week with President and Sister Lattin. All I can say is, that the gift of tongues is real!
Our branch also had its first Young Womens program! That was such a miracle for this branch, the youth is the future of this branch and we are trying to get them on track with the Personal Progress Program and as I have been trying to study it for them, I have really seen how this program is just inspired by the Lord. As is everything else in the gospel.
Things are coming to life here, the work is moving forward and all these miracles just keep happening! I love it all and I love this work. I can't wait to watch conference next weekend and see what inspired counsel we get! We have to wait for translations to come. I hope that all of you have a great week! I know that I will!

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