Monday, March 31, 2014

One Year Mark

Well, incase you didn't know, I have now been on my mission for a year! Let us talk about a week of emotion as I look back at a year of emotion and life changing!! I am about the luckiest girl in the world, this week has been really incredible! We have had a lot to do here in K-Town and I feel like things are finally starting to get going around here and we are just at the begining of getting this city going and finding people to help this little branch grow.
We have a lot of youth in our branch and I have now just been called as young women president, dream calling! There is no program here at all, so I have spent a lot of time this past week on the computer trying to get binders for the girls going and for the presidency, trying to work with the branch to get activities for the girls and all sorts of things, it has been a lot of work on computers. (and the world knows how much I just LOVE computers *sarcasm*) My companion has been such a help as well, I have no idea what this personal progress program is, but she has her medal and been such a great help. I have really enjoyed learnig and studying about it and it really is such an inspired program and I can't wait to work on it with the girls.
We want to get a mutual activity that the can invite friends to and all that, it will be great, just a matter of time and getting it up and running. Our branch president really is taking his focus towards the youth and it has been fun, just work trying to get the beginings of a program going. 
For our activity this week we had a sports day on Saturday morning. Because we were just wearing work out clothes to the park we had some extra time during the morning when we would normally be getting ready, so we made a good breakfast and watched some saturday morning cartoons, a.k.a Bible Videos. Oh the life of a missionary! It was a lot of fun though, we were laughing at ourselves, but hey, those bible videos, they are good stuff!
The sports day was really great! I couldn't play though, so I sat on the sidelines and tried to avoid the soccer balls that were flying at me. One day, I will not have bronchitis anymore. I have been feeling so much better though, I am still really tired and I cough if I do exert extra energy. I do take at least a nap ever couple of days, but other than that.... I have given up on ever being healthy. The is just trying to teach me patience I guess, and that I can't take on the world, even as much as I want to.
Our sports day though was really great! For a first time we had a fairly good turn out from investigators and the six of us missionaries. I did get a sunburn though!!! Like really, I did nothing and I go home to find the back of my neck completely red! It has been quite fun, honestly, it would only happen to me. Of course I am the one that ends up with a sunburn. Who cares though, it means that summer is in the air!
We also had the AP's here for a couple days. That was a great time seeing both of them, having served with both of them on my missions.
Oh, and I am sure that all of you are wondering how I spent my year mark.... WELL, I spent it the same way I started my mission, with Sister Wallace. She is the Sister Training Leader here in K-Town, and we need to have exchanges once a transfer, and you know it just so happens that we had to have exchanges on our year mark. Imagine how that happened?! It was really great though. I spent Wednesday with Sister Peterson, who was companions with Sister Edwards in the MTC. We spent the day in just a mess of getting things done, but it was really fun. We enjoyed the time together and learning from one another.
Thursday, well, first of all, we had to call everyone who was in our MTC district to wish them a happy year mark! Then we spent the day doing everything in the sun! We ate a lot of food, and talked a lot and it was just perfect. Taught some english and were just out on the streets all day and laughing. Our cute companions bought us flowers in our favorite colors, we got to carry those around with our Books of Mormons all day. It was such a great day and just so fun to be with the person who I kind of really started this journey with. We have both changed and grown so much, have had different experiences and just everything... What a great day it was for the both of us!
All in all, it was such a great week! I have reflected a lot on my mission and how soon it comes to end. I really have changed so much on my mission and I am so eternally grateful for the things that I have learned here. I love this work and the gospel. See you all in a week!

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