Monday, March 10, 2014

International Women's Day

I have decided that the world is missing out on Ukraines most miraculous holiday! On the 8th of March they have what is known as "International Womens Day." It totally beats mother's day, because it is for all women, and it was just wonderful! I love it as well because all day men, random men, would pass us on the train and stuff and they all congradulate (that really is the word they use) us for being women. I loved it so much! It was hysterical as well, we were on the train that day and the little sales man that was selling treats on the train kept bugging Elder Asay to buy all of us Sisters chocolate. We were laughing at him, it was pretty awesome.
On Sunday we were told not to plan anything for right after church, okay...? Elder Asay was trying to keep the Woman's Day activity a secret, it was kind of like a 5 year old keeping a secret, but he tried and it was really cute for him to try. Right after sacrament they gave all the women flowers, it was wonderful! Sister Plewe and I were rocking out the traditional ukrainian clothing as well. I loved it!
Right as we walked out of the relief society room as well the Elders and all of the brethren were standing behind a table full of treats and singing a song for us! IT WAS AWFUL! Ukrainians cannot sing at all, but that is what made it so enduring! I loved it so ver much! I was laughing so hard and just loving it. I tell you, we need to celebrate this holiday in America!
This week was also just a wonderful experience. We spent most of it in L'viv for Zone Conference. It was just what I needed. My bronchitis is still there, but managable, I am not thinking that I am going to die ever time I cough. Thank you for the prayers on that behalf. It was so much fun to go into L'viv and get guidance from our leaders and feel the love and joy that we have for this work and the people here in Ukraine.
I got to see my long lost companions, Sister Garrett and Sister Edwards! Man, I missed those two!
I also got to do some very fun things in L'viv because my companion has actually served in L'viv, so I could go places and not get lost. I found a market that had everything that you could ever want from Ukraine.... I bought about half of it. And there is a Harry Potter Cafe there. Pretty sure that they do not care about copy rite at all, and it was amazing! Pictures to for sure come.
The best part of the entire experience though was being able to see Olya. We met on my first day in Uzh and we have been friends since. She is living in L'viv and going to school right now. I was able to talk with her for a long time, we cried, I bore testimony and then we talked with Elder Ward and President Lattin. She will be baptized on the 19th of March! I am SO excited for her! She has been my rock here and I love her so much! I am so excited for her, she loves this gospel and she is ready for this, I couldn't be happier.
During Zone Conference, right after setting this date and getting things worked out for her, we had a spiritual thought on the Holy Ghost and I just cried. I was so happy for Olya. I love her so much and she now will get this gift. She will have this eternal and perfect gift for the rest of her life! AHH! 
Missionary work is the greatest thing in the world. The Ukrainian people are the most wonderful, how did I get to be so lucky to be here? The war has not hindered the work here, we are missionaries and that is what I will continue to be. We talked a lot about concecrating ourselves more as missionaries at Zone Conference. It was such an amazing experience and I am excited for this work to move forward here, these people deserve the best!

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