Monday, March 17, 2014

Release date has been Given

WOW! Is time just flying or what? All I can say is "WOW!" I was talking to one of the Elders that was in my first District ever here in Ukraine and I told him that my year mark was coming up soon, he didn't believe me and told me that I am still just a baby in the mission. I wish that it was true, but it isn't. I am not in the second oldest set of sisters, that is crazy! I can't believe that it is already that time! Next transfer will be the transfer that my trainer started training me in, that is weird? I always wonder, do I know as much as her? Am I as good of a missionary? It is crazy! President called me with my release date this week, that was a doozey! October 16th, in case you are all wondering! That was one moment that I thought would never come!
This week we had the wonderful opportunity to have a baptism here in the K-town branch! It was such a wonderful experienc! I was so grateful for the opportunity to watch this 15 year old girl be baptized by her uncle and confirmed by her other uncle the following day. It is just an amazing experience everytime to watch the light that comes to the people as they have taken upon them the name of Christ and received the gift of the holy ghost. I am eternally grateful fot the opportunity everytime and I just love being able to witness the spirit really working with these people.
We spent a lot of time this week working with the members and it was really quite fun! We had one member take us to the park and we just went for a walk with her. She took us up to a WWII Memorial. It was a place that held 3 mass graves for Jews that had been killed in this town years ago during the war. It was such a sacred experience to go to one of those places. She cried as she told us the story and we said a prayer together. The spirit was so strong as she talked of the time during the war, she was a young girl a the time. What a humbling experience that was.
It just makes me so grateful to know about the gospel and makes me want to share it more. I want people to feel the peace that comes from knowing who they are and why they are here and that they are not forgotten, God is there and he loves them! Ah, what a wonderful message and knowledge that we have and that we need to share.
Also, in honor of the baptism of Katya I got to put my beauty skills to work. We had a Young Womens activity that included manicures, brownies, make up, popcorn, pictures, you name it, we did it! What a fun time that was! All I can say is 1) I am glad that I haven't lost my touch, it was like riding a bike, all came back to me instantly. 2) My body has definately lost my haircutting muscles that I once had because WOW! That was a killer, I was so tired. I don't know how I did that all day every day. Haircutting muscles replaced by the ones needed to be a missionary.
It was quite funny, our branch president came into the church and then went and hid in his office and said that he wouldn't come out until we had put is all away!
Elder Asay, our district leader stopped by the church to help us clean (aka, eat all the left over brownies). He has 5 older brothers, but you have to give him props for handling a district of 4 sisters really well. Elder Asay walked in though and said, "Alright, let me see your nails and what you did!" Not bad for a guy who hasn't had much experience with girls. We keep telling him that this is just his training for all the daughters that he is going to have.
And, this week... we got transfer information. My beloved companion is going away! I am so sad, but excited to be getting a new companion. We have had so much fun together! I don't know that I have ever laughed so hard about the most random things ever and I am so sad that my chef is going away! But really, it has been a while ride and I have loved it! Transfers are always sad but so exciting!
I did find out that Sister Edwards is leaving Lutsk, she is going to Rivne and will be serving with Elder Jolstead again, lucky her, he was our district leader when all the drama was going on.  Also..... Sister Kelley, one of my sisters from the MTC, is going to Uzh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed! I called all the members to let them know my really good friend is going to serve with them! It was wonderful! I just decided that it is just awesome because, Sister Kelley started in K-town, where I currently am, and I started in Uzh, so our last transfer President just has to switch us! I can go back to my ukrainian home and she can go back to hers! I say it sounds like a solid plan!
I hope that you all have a great week!


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