Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!! I hope that you had a wonderful Mothers Day and I wish all you mothers a Happy Mother's Day!
I am sure you are curious, they do have mothers day here, the same as in America, however, it is not a big deal. In fact, not one word was mentioned about it at all yesterday. I pretty much even forgot that it was here. They do have Women's Day, which was celebrated a few months ago and that is definately a bigger deal than mothers day here.
This week has been a little crazy, I feel like I just wrote to all of you, because I pretty much did, but from now on our P-days will all be on Monday's until something else happens and then our schedules get messed around again.
It has been quite the week. Last Wednesday when we left internet we also left our phone here. That was adventure, my companion left it next to her computer and it was gone by the time that we returned. So, we have been going without a phone for the last couple of days and that makes missionary work pretty hard to do actually. There were just so many little things that made it really hard to get things done, or it took us a little bit longer to do things because of our lack of ability to communicate with the other missionaries. It all turned out okay though.
When we had to go back to the internet cafe we got to watch the security footage of our computers and everything, that was so crazy! It was quite weird to watch and we had this nice little gentleman offer to call the police for us, it was just a phone, so we held off on that. It was just a crazy thing, because we couldn't even tell anyone that we had lost the phone itself and if we don't text in at night then the Elders have to come find us, so that would have been kind of a crazy deal. Luckily, we found them at the church and let them know what had happened.
So, we have had no life line all week and have just been doing our own thing in our own little area, totally cut off from everyone. It drove me crazy. You know, it was a good test of patience. We survived though. It actually turned out to be kind of fun, we found a lot of new areas in the city that we had never been to as we were out on the streets a lot because we didn't have any phone to set up appointments with members. We found some very nice people to talk to, and some very beautiful parts of the city. The weather here is warming up and it is SO green here around the city and there are so many pretty, green parks that are in this city.
At one point we ran an errand to get some keys copied for the Elders because we didn't have any lessons. So we took the keys, knowing only the general direction of where we needed to go was, and just talked to people on the way there, asking for help to find the store that we needed. It actually turned out to be a huge miracle. We ran into a member's mother that we had wanted to start working with in the coming week. That was so cool! We were able to just talk to her and she helped us find where we needed to go to get the keys copied. It was so great! Hopefully we will be able to meet with them tonight.
Yesterday at church we had a good day. All the new missionaries got up and bore their testimonies. We actually gained a new Elder this week as well, I cannot remember his name, but he is the most awkward person in the world and I LOVE IT!!!! It is so funny, he just thrives on making things awkward and it is honestly the funniest thing ever. We met him for the first time on Saturday when the Elders came in from L'viv, picking him up, and getting our new phone for us. He is Ukrainian, but speaks english, and has served in Russia, then in Kiev and now is here in the L'viv mission. He is originally from Kiev and is pretty nice, from the 3 times I have seen him.
So this week, Sister Snyder and I decided that we were going to go on a "Diet," which really just means that we were going to not eat as much chocolate and then maybe eat a little healthier. It was going so good, we felt better, we have been out running, just all these great things were happening with it. If we really felt like we needed chocolate then we would get it, but if it wasn't a good reason and just a want then we would just get busy with something else and control our impulsese. THEN, last night happened. Oh my goodness, I think that it is safe to say "Hi, I am Sister Shaughnessy and I have an addiction to chocolate." Because we came home from MCM, made the phone calls that we needed to and then we NEEDED chocolate. We were dying, but we had cleaned it all out from our house. We literally had NO chocolate at all. So, we go through everything, cupboards and all, then we found cocoa. Okay, so we could make brownies. However, we only had a cup of flour and the recipe calls for 2 cups, so yeah.... you guessed it. We just halved the recipe and literally made the smallest pan of brownies you had ever seen in your life. We didn't care tho, we wanted brownies so badly, it was ridiculous. Am I ashamed of this? No. Nope, not at all. We were laughing the entire time, and saying how much of an addiction that we had. It was SO funny! Just saying, the things we do as missionaries.
This week has truly been a great learning experience and I am so excited for this next week, I think that I will appreciate the phone all the more! As a District this transfer our theme is "To see miracles." This week I know that they are going to happen as well! I have been studied miracles this week in the scriptures and it is just amazing how many miracles that are written are linked to the ultimate miracle, that of Christ and His resurrection. It is just incredible! How can you not love this gospel?! 
I hope that you all have a great week and look for miracles!!!
With love,
 Sister Shaughnessy

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