Friday, May 30, 2014

Hottest week yet

Another week has come and gone here in K-town and it is pretty safe to say that summer has come! I think that it is safe to say that summer has come as well! I think this has been the hottest and most painful week of my life! I am just going to say that I am not complaining, even though I am. :)
This week Sister Snyder and I made a goal to be healthier and work out. We are lucky enough to have picked the hottest week of my entire life to do it. Here we have have a track, so we have been running on that a couple mornings a week. That has been great! I actually have not minded it, I enjoyed it. 
Saturday, that was a day though! It was SO hot and we went for a run in the morning, then, after studies, we had sports day. We played ultimate frizbee for about an hour, after an hour of kicking around a soccer ball. I was so sore as well! It was death! Let us just say, walking up the stairs and laughing hurt. A lot. I also got what Sister Wallace calls "cute sun." I don't know what that means, but I do have red cheeks and my freckles are coming out now.
One morning this week we got a call and were lucky enough to have an investigator call US for a meeting, that doesn't happen very often. She met with the missionaries back in the Donetsk mission, before she moved here. They passed her number to us and we had been trying to reach her for a couple of days. Then, out of the blue she just calls us up and said that she would like to meet, in 10 minutes. Well, luckily we were able to do that. It was just amazing!
She was the sweetest lady! Older, and I think that she just needs some love. She loved the missionaries and the support that they gave her during all the stress in the East and was happy to find us again. The meeting was short, but it was great! She said that she would be on church in Sunday.
Sadly, she didn't come. Church was quite the miracle this week though. A couple of weeks ago the other sisters had an investigator who was supposed to be baptised. She then disappeared. It was quite sad, she was such a wonderful person. With time, hopefully things will happen with her. Well, at church yesterday we were sitting at church waiting for the meeting to start and her sister came walking into the church with her 2 children! It was incredible!
She stayed for the first hour and it was so wonderful! The kids were young, 2 and 4. I played with them so that the mom could enjoy the meeting. We sang primary songs in the corner really quietly, and they also colored on a chalk board and also looked through ALL the pictures in EVERY Liahona that we have. They were the cutest! She said that she enjoyed the meeting and afterward our branch is just the best at friendshipping. It is incredible! Maybe this is the beginning of getting both of them into the church! This branch is so ready to have families!
This week I have been having the most incredible studies; thank you Sister Petersen and your obsession with light! I have been studying light and it is just incredible. I am so grateful for the love that I have found of the scriptures on my mission! They truely hold the answers for all things and can bring us comfort at all times! I have truely gained that testimony over the course of my mission and especially this week! I cannot seem to get enough time to study them, it is just so sad when studies come to an end!
I hope that all of you have a great week, read your scriptures and smile! :)
Oh, and if you are in America....enjoy your A/C!
Sister Shaughnessy

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