Monday, June 9, 2014

Encourage us to read the Book Mormon

WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a week... I literally don't know where it went! Sister Snyder and I have literally had an adventure full week. First, we got lost trying to find an investigators house, on what I think was the hottest day of my life. We had totally forgotten to write down her number because we had rushed out the door for registration things that morning and just never had the chance to run home. We finally got to her house, 2 hours late. We made it though and were able to have a lesson with her on the Plan of Salvation. We also got to meet her two neighbors that were sitting out front. They were so nice and sweet! They were just so cute, sitting out on the benches and talking in the shade trying to find any relief from the heat.
Wednesday was just the best day of my life. Literally, it was so funny! We spent most of the day out contacting. It was hot and muggy, but fun! We randomly ran into SO many people that we knew, being able to help them with a little thing here or there, so those were mini miracles that were lovely. There is also a park here in K-town that has bears, so we went and contacted there. We got to see bears, swans and some ducks. Oh, and turkeys. It was so fun! It was a good chunk of time to be out on the streets, but we just had so much fun, laughing the whole way! We talked to a few people, but no one was super interested.
On the way home, we took a very long, round about way that made no sense. We, ourselves, got contacted by this perfume sales lady. That was weird. I really hope I do not sound like that when I talk to people about the gospel, that was a strange experience. Walked away from that one laughing. We were almost home, so hungry and ready to eat dinner and then Sister Snyder said hello to this lady on the street. She stopped and asked from where she knew us, I told her that we didn't know each other. We are from America as missionaries and we just simply like talking to people on the street. Her name is Maya and she is super sweet.
She was on her way to her great-granddaughter's dance concert and asked us if we would like to go with her. I told her "Sure! Why not?!" So, we just follow this randome lady we met 2 minutes before to a concert hall to watch her 6 year old great-granddaughter's dance concert. Funny story, we actually ended up running into a girl and her mom that we had been working with. That was fun! We talked with them for a minute. So, we go to this concert, and we meet her daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter. They were all super great and nice! We had a great time talking and laughing as we waited for the concert to start!
The concert started.... the first number -no joke- 12-14 year olds doing the chicken dance. Second number, the macarana. WE WERE DYING! Sister Snyder and I were like, what did we get ourselves into, this is hysterical! We were thinking it was going to be some kind of really great cultural dance thing. NOPE! The chicken dance!
The little 6 year old, she was a doll. Her group was all dressed like gnomes and they did their dance. It was cute. Sadly, we couldn't stay for the full thing, we had to go to family night. So, we leave early and walk outside. Downpour! It was raining SO hard! It was ridiculous... oh and I look down. Totally was wearing a white shirt. That was embarrassing! Wel literally ran to the church and were completely soaked by the time we got home, it was ridiculous! It was so fun though.
It has not stopped raining since, that is incredible! It was so hot last week and this week we are back to coats and boats. Ukrainian weather, what the heck!?
This week has been full of adventure and miracles, we have had so many tender mercies. We were able to find a new investigator and have a potential from one of the Young Women in the branch, she is a rockstar! We went to her friends house the other day with her and we colored her friends hair. It was so fun to have a good time laughing with them, and just rejoicing in the light of this gospel as we drank tea and ate polish chocolate.
This gospel truly is such a light in our lives! I am so grateful for it and the opportunity I have everyday to grow and to share this message with people, whether in a lesson, service or even a smile! :)
Keep on smiling!
I would like to encourage everyone to read the Book of Mormon with me.  I have about four months left and I am starting to read it again, so I would like to come home with everyone just finishing the Book of Mormon.  Take notes.

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