Monday, June 9, 2014

Being Transferred

Well, I don't even know where to begin for this week. It has been a week, that is for sure! I feel like a lot of things came together and a lot of things fell apart. It was good though, all are learning experiences right?! Well, let us start with the big news..... I AM BEING TRANSFERRED!!! Yup, next week at this time I will be going to a new area, my 4th area, and the weird thing, this will probably be my last area. Only three transfers left and I have spent 3 transfers in every area that I have been in. So that is weird. I am NOT old enough in the mission to have this happen. I may or may not been in denial!
However, I am SO excited to be transferred! Honestly, I am so sad to leave K-Town, part of my heart is being left here. However, there are so many exciting things that are coming up in the next couple of transfers that I am just SO excited!
Let us start with where I am going, I will be going to Chernivsti. Which, I heard, is beautiful! I will also be training, again! I guess that is my calling in life, to train. (I complain, but honestly, I really love training.) Just so you know, my new companion, Sister Matsiaschik is a native. She also speaks little to no english! WOW! President told me I was put with her because I like to talk so much, so I will learn Ukrainian  better and she will learn english. Or he just wants me to be quiet for once. I don't really know. I am SUPER excited though! All of you who make fun of how bad my english is right now... oh you just wait. It is all down hill from here, my friends!
Yesterday, I gave my final talk in K-town. It was an interesting experience. After speaking I was sitting in Sunday School and the lesson was on Gifts of the Spirit. I specifically remember this lesson from Uzhgorod. It was given on the first Sunday I ever spoke in Ukraine. Elder Terry was there as well, he was with me in my first area. We were talking after, we both remembered it. Really weird, things are coming full circle. It is so weird to see how much I have changed in this past year.
I have had to come to terms this week with the fact that I am just an old missionary! That is just how it is... I was on exchanges with Sister Wallace this week, we were companions in the MTC. We were talking about how tired we are, missionary work is just tiring. It is kind of cool to see that we literally have worn out everything that we have to this work. On that depressing note...
It has been a good week though, we did exchanges with the other sisters, that was fun! I colored some hair, putting my hairdressing skills to use and had a great time with Sister Jardine. I have never served around her, so it was so fun to get to know her. She has also spent a lot of time in Chernivtsi so I got to hear all about it from her. It was so lovely!
Then, I got to excersize one of my other "talents" as my companion, Sister Snyder, likes to put it. I got sick. again. I spent days pretty much in bed dying from some kind of flu that killed me. I was so tired, headache, I felt like I had literally got hit by a truck and some throwing up in there for good effect. It was quite fun, I just love being sick. :( Don't worry, all is good now. Sister Wallace had been sick earlier in the week with some kind of bug, we think that is got passed along from exchanges. You know, my luck here in Ukraine.I am good now, so that is a plus. It gave me time to pack as well, so that was a plus.
That was pretty much it for the week! I am getting old, I have to leave part of my heart in another wonderful city in Ukraine and fall in love with another. Crazy, at the beginning of my mission to leave a city was the worst thing that could happen, now I am always sad to leave, but I know that where I go it is where the Lord wants me to be and there are amazing people there that I get to love.
I hope that you all have a great week!
Sister Shaughnessy

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