Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Going into the MTC

March 27th, 2013 is finally arrived.  We started the day off at missionary time, which is 6:30 am.  We spent the morning as a family just getting ready and making sure Sister Shaughnessy's had everything she needed.  Two suitcases that need to weigh under 50 pounds and supplies for eighteen months became quit a challenge.  After packing and unpacking at least 7 times and a few items that had to be left behind we finally got it done.  We enjoyed a nice breakfast and time at Denny's and then it was time to head to the MTC.  Once we got there it is quit amazing how organized the church is.  We spent some time across the street from the Provo temple taking pictures and missionary watching until it became 1:45 pm and then it was time to get in line.  We all were in great spirits and not a lot of tears were shed.  It was so fun to see thousands of young Elder's waiting on the curb to get the new missionaries on their way.  We parked at number 23, Sister Shaughnessy jumped out and was greeted by a Elder and as the family took out her luggage, gave quick hugs and told her we loved her and will miss her but she is going to be a awesome missionary and then she was off.

Little tears from her and her mother, which I am so shocked because we are not good at saying good bye.  But there was such a great spirit there and a feel of excitement  that it over took the sadness away.  As her mom I know I did not shed tears for the fact that I am so excited for her and since she was a little girl I knew she was meant to do this.  She was born with such a spiritually spirit from the beginning that I know she was meant to do this from the beginning. She has been such a great example to her mom, siblings, cousins, Aunts and Uncles.  The Ukraine people are going to be so blessed to have her serve them.

Look for her first letter sometime next week.  Hopefully at that time I can give you more information on the best way to mail letters to her.  I am so new at all this that I have to figure it out myself.

God Be with you Sister Shaughnessy until we meet again!!!!!!

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