Sunday, March 31, 2013

Second Letter

What a surprise another letter on Saturday.  She had a few minutes so she thought she would squeeze in another letter. I won't copy the whole letter just because she listed a few things she needs and before she left I told her I wanted to know everything so most of this letter was giving me her daily schedule.  I had mentioned it seems like a lot of the pictures I have seen from the MTC are in classrooms, so she was just letting me know it is because they are always in classrooms.  But here is the part of the letter I thought you might want to read:

She first started out saying hello in Ukrainian and I would write it but we do not have all the letters on the keyboard.

"Everything here is great!"  They are not kidding either when they say they throw you right into things here.  We teach our first Ukrainian investigator on Friday.  It is so intimidating considering there are only 7 of us total, so only 6 others to practice with.  We are encouraged to use our language around campus and everyone gives us funny looks, even the Russian Cectpa (sisters) and Elders don't pick up very fast on what we are saying.  Cectra Kelley, the sister from Arkansas, and I were working together today during language study and it was awesome! We can totally read Ukrainian now. Tonight we are meeting our Branch President and wife.

This experience has been so much fun so far!  None of us slept last night because our brains are on overload.  It is amazing how much of the language we do know right now.  The missionary president just explained how Sunday's work here.  Everyone of us have to prepare a 3-5 minute talk every Sunday and then they will just randomly call on one of us to speak from the pulpit.  After four weeks we have to use the Ukrainian language. Scary!

Cectpa Watteccn (Sister Shaughnessy) p-day is Wednesday while she is in the MTC, so look for her letters on that day and hopefully she will enclose some pictures.

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