Saturday, March 23, 2013

St. George Adventures

Aren't friends the greatest?! Last weekend some of my best friends and I headed down to St. G to get the heck out of these winter temperatures! We left Saturday afternoon, Caitlin, Kassi, Shelby and I, Lacey is lucky enough to live down there all the time.
 Kassi had to drive since I apparently have an invalid drivers license, the DMV told me this when I went down to renew it the week before. It has been that way for over a year and I had no clue! and my lovely friends cannot drive a stick, believe me I tried to teach them it was not a pretty sight...
We had such a blast listening to the most random collection of music you could think of as well as eating a ton and a half of junk food on the way down. 

Upon our arrival we checked into our hotel, called Lace to come over, shaved our legs, and headed off to the hot tub! After all day cutting hair and a long drive down, it was perfect! After relaxing for a bit and enjoying to hot tub, we, of course, had to have pizza delivered and demolish it while talking up a storm. The married people, Caitlin and Shelby, were asleep by like 10:00 p.m.

The next morning we got up, went to breakfast at The Bear Claw (highly recommended), and off to the tabernacle for some church history, then to antique stores and the outlets! Where I found the most adorable purse EVER but had to restrain myself, I may still be a little bitter about that.

When we had worn out our credit cards we decided to see a chick flick together before leaving the warmth of St. George, and a Nicholas Sparks film has become a tradition whenever we decide to head out of town together. We saw "Safe Haven," which is such a good movie, even though it gave our two newly wed friends a complex. Apparently they weren't in love with watching a movie about losing a spouse and finding love again, because they cried. A lot.

When we finally left it was fairly late and we were exhausted! No worries though, with the help of Kelly Clarkson, particularly "My Life Would Suck Without You" and some caffeinated beverages we stayed awake just fine!

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